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As I was trying to go through my gallery, I found it difficult to be able to find things quickly so I thought it might be a good idea to try and put some of my bigger works and literature into one place for easy reference.


The Vial of Change (2010ish)- Originally written on an interactive story site, I pulled it off that place and brought it here. There is a total on seven parts to it and have a whole bunch of transformations in it.

The Vial of Change- Chapter 1- TG GTS BE
The Vial of Change: Chapter 2 TG PREG TF
The Vial of Change: Chapter 3 TG BE PREG
The Vial of Change: Chapter 4- TG PREG
The Vial of Change: Chapter 5
The Vial of Change: Chapter 6
The Vial of Change: Epilogue

Total Word count: 9737
Tags: male to female, Giantess, Breast Expansion, Pregnancy, Transformation... and others I'm sure!

Christine's Udderly Fabulous Day (2013)- I believe this was the first story I wrote specifically for DA. An offshoot of the Vial of Change, Christine finds herself growing in more ways than she could have dreamed of!

VOC: Christine's Udderly Fabulous Day TF PREG BE

Total Word Count: 1246
Tags: Cowgirl Transformation, Udder, Breast Expansion and Pregnancy

Laura's Wish- Another Vial of Change offshoot, we find Laura getting some help from the vial. A bit different from what I had tried to write before, Laura grows muscular. 3 parts.

VOC: Laura's Wish part 1
VOC: Laura's Wish part 2
VOC: Laura's Wish Part 3

Total Word count: 3181
Tags: Muscle growth, breast expansion, hip and butt expansion

Reigniting the Fire (2013)- Another short story involving am an becoming his own fantasy. I wasn't going to put this one on the list because of the quality, but it's interesting to see how much my writing style has changed.

VOC: Reigniting the fire TF TG BE

Total Word Count: 1187
Tags: Anthro Horse transformation

Mischievous Mei (2013)- The last offshoot of the vial of change, Mei doesn't want to be home alone while Chris goes to a seminar so she tags along inside Chris! 5 parts and each part is super short.

VOC: Mischievous Mei part 1 BE PREG
VOC: Mischievous Mei part 2 BE
VOC: Mischievous Mei part 3 TF PREG Anthro
VOC: Mischievous Mei part 4 TF PREG WG BE
VOC: Mischievous Mei Part 5 FINAL Anthro TF BE WG

Total Word Count: 4130
Tags: Pregnancy, several transformations, weight gain, all kinds of stuff!

Simply the Best (2013)- A golf match becomes far more than one contestant bargained for!

Simply the Best TG TF BE

Total Word Count: 1478
Tags: Male to Female Transformation

The New Farmhand (2013)- Tom breaks a witches heart. That wasn't the best idea in the world.

The new farmhand TG TF BE Anthro

Total Word Count: 1679
Tags: Male to Female, anthro cow transformation, breast expansion

The Genie's Vacation (2013)- Jeannie takes a break from her bottle for a little while but still finds a few reasons to use her magical powers. Two parts.

The Genie's Vacation
The Genie's Vacation part 2 TG BE AR

Total Word Count: 2630
Tags: Breast Expansion, Height change, TG, Age Regression

The Player (2013)- Mike crosses too many women who work on their own revenge plan to make him pay for all he did to them. 5 Parts. This was another transfer from an interactive story. Though published on DA in 2013 this was likely written in 2010-2011.

The player-Part 1 TG TF BE PREG
The Player- Part 2
The Player- Part 3
The Player- Part 4
The Player- Part 5 FINAL BE PREG

Word Count: 8090
Tags: TG, TF, BE, Pregnancy Butt expansion

The Magical Mall (2013)- The last transfer from an interactive story, you embark on a crazy shopping trip. This is really a mixed bag of stuff. 12 total parts but again, each part is relatively short.

The Magical Mall- Part 1 TG BE PREG
The Magical Mall- Part 2 TG PREG GTS BE
The Magical Mall- Part 3 TG BE mini-GTS
The Magical Mall- Part 4 BE GTS TG PREG
The Magical Mall- Part 5 TG BE PREG
The Magical Mall- Part 6 BE TG WG PREG
The Magical Mall- Part 7 PREG BE GTS TG
The Magical Mall- Part 8 BE PREG GTS/Shrink
The Magical Mall- Part 9 BE PREG
The Magical Mall- Part 10 BE PREG WG
The Magical Mall- Part 11 TG BE PREG
The Magical Mall- Part 12 FINAL

Word Count: 19480
Tags: TG, TF, Pregnancy, Breast Expansion, Butt expansion, weight gain, mini-giantess

The Vengeful Wiccan- This is the last story I wrote for a year. Sally wants to exact revenge before graduation. 3 short parts

The vengeful wiccan Part 1 BE PREG
The Vengeful Wiccan Part 2 TG TF
The Vengeful Wiccan Part 3- FINAL GTS, BE, PREG

Word Count: 3200
Tags: TG, TF, Pregnancy, Breast Expansion, Butt Expansion, Foot Expansion
After thinking this through a bit I realized that putting everything into one spot would make that list insanely long. There was a time break in my writings. I wrote very short stories from 2010-2013, had one writing in 2014, then started writing again in 2015. This will direct you to the older writings that are buried deep in my gallery.
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Oh my lord to early in the morning .. I read that as:   ... and comics in here with little Mammaries.
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