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((updated to a better image))

It seemed easy enough and the money was well above other jobs advertised Jackie thought. Granted she would have to take a year off between graduating high school and starting college but with the money she was going to make, she wouldn't have to take out student loans. Arriving at the farm, some 50 miles from anything resembling a city, Jackie parked her car and walked up to the front door, knocking firmly. A young woman, seemingly wearing dog-like ears answered the door an ushered her in. "Are you here about the job darlin'?"

Jackie smiled. The slightly southern drawl was refreshing to her. "Yes ma'am. Was there a typo though? The pay seems really high for the job description."

The woman ignored the question and continued. "You have previous experience working with cows, right?"

"Yes I do. I grew up on a farm and would help milk the cows."

"Excellent! Are you are okay with the one year contract to work?"

Jackie paused for a moment before nodding her head. "I was going to start college but with the pay you are offering, I'll be able to pay for everything after the contract ends."

"Very well then Jackie, here is the contract. I'll need your initials on the bottom of each page and a full signature on the last page."

Jackie's eyes bulged as the contract was easily 80 pages long. At first, she read the pages, initialing them but grew tired of the monotonous legal speak and began initialing each page much more quickly. She did however stop to read the last page, which outlined the pay and length of the contract. Jackie quickly scribbled her name at the bottom and slid the contract back to the woman. "I think that's everything! When do I start?"

The woman's dog ears twitched which made Jackie gasp. Were those real?! The woman stood up motioning to Jackie while she shifted the mid length summer dress. Jackie put her hand over her mouth as a large fluffy dog tail pushed out, swaying from side to side. "You start immediately. Please come with me and I'll show you around."

As they walked out towards the barn, Jackie winced, her bra suddenly digging into her back. As she tried to adjust her straps she stopped moving completely as pressure formed at the base of her spine, between her legs, AND underneath her breasts all at the same time. The dog woman stopped, and turned smiling slightly. "Would you like some help with that pressure?"

Jackie groaned and nodded, not having enough hands to fix all the pressure. The woman bent down, using her nails, which were more like claws, to slice through the fabric of Jackie's shirt and bra. The claws moved to Jackie's hips, making quick work of the tight yoga shorts. While Jackie was irritated at the shredding of her clothing, she was also extremely grateful for the reduction in pressure. "Shall we continue darlin'?"

There was something about her voice that made Jackie want to obey, even though her normal walk was becoming impossible. To compensate, Jackie broadened her gait her eyes focused on keeping her balance. THe woman continued talking while they walked, keeping Jackie's eyes on the woman and not on the udder growing between her legs. Nearing the main barn, her breasts swelled, a second pair swelling beneath them while her backside widened. Walking seemed to become easier, but that was due to Jackie's hips widening significantly, her legs becoming thicker and stronger with each step. As the woman and Jackie walked through the barn looking at the cows, Jackie felt a tickle on her leg an idly swiped her hand across, seemingly unaware of the long tail which had pushed out of her spine. Near the end of the barn, the woman turned around, smiling a captivating smile to Jackie as her skin darkened in several places, spots forming all over. "I have your uniform here. You of course understand why there are no bottoms I presume?"


There was silence for the first time since the initial pressure began which allowed Jackie to finally look away from the woman. The scream was nothing short of ear-piercing and Jackie winced, having heard her own high-pitched scream through her now longer ears. When her hands flew to her ears, her fingertips touched something hard. Investigating with her fingertips, Jackie realized she had small horns as well! While her eyes were looking upward to try and see them, the woman stepped forward, a medium-sized nose ring in her hand. She brought it to Jackie's nose and, painlessly, it attached to the cartilage between Jackie's nostrils. "I'll leave you to get changed Jackie. Dinner will be served in an hour."

The woman began to walk away and Jackie turned, wincing a bit as her udder hit the inside of her leg. "What did you do?!"

The woman turned slowly on her heels. "What did I do? Nothing at all darlin'. This was all in your contract which is binding. That ring in your nose will keep you on the farm premises at all times. I would advise getting dressed now. Your back is going to start to hurt as they fill."

"Fill? Fill with what?!"

The woman laughed. "Milk of course! Your udder with begin to fill as well. As long as you keep yourself properly milked though, it shouldn't cause any pain, just mild discomfort. Any other questions?"

"What...what am I supposed to call you?"

"Miss Phoenix will be fine darlin'."

With that, Phoenix left, leaving Jackie to put on the boots and top that was provided to her. The top was specially cut for four breasts and gave an incredible amount of support as well!

A few months had passed and Jackie was in the barn, straightening the hay bales. After moving one, she leaned back, one hand on her back, the other on her belly, which already looked like she was full-term. It had become clear why Phoenix was able to pay as much as her contract stated. Not only was Jackie now being milked fives times a day, but part of the contract involved birthing a calf. Jackie was assured that her body would be able to handle it and after seeing so many odd things in the past months, Jackie simply nodded in affirmation. She wasn't anywhere near ready for birth though. Cows take much longer to gestate. Phoenix informed Jackie that her due date oddly enough, was the day before her contract was to end. Phoenix walked out as Jackie finished moving the last bale. "An'thin' else ya can thin' of Miss?"

Phoenix giggled, loving the southern accent Jackie had developed. "It looks like you've finished up everything early again? Someone earned themselves an afternoon under the apple tree again!"

Jackie beamed as Phoenix ran her claw-like nails through Jackie's hair. She made sure everything was clean and waddled over to the large apple tree near the house, sitting down on a reinforced chair swing. She attached her teats and nipples to the milking machine  and laid to the side, reading a book. While chewing on a piece of straw Jackie stopped reading and looked up at the sky. This was the life! Beautiful days on a lovely ranch. What more could she ask for?

Maybe if she was lucky, Miss phoenix would allow her to extend her contract!
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